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Product details info
Provider:Bank of Ireland
Product name:Classic Credit Card
Card type:Mastercard
Website:Bank of Ireland
Using your credit card abroad info
Non-euro cash withdrawals as % of transaction value:2.25% cross-border handling fee plus 1.5% (minimum €2.54)
Non-euro purchases fee as % of transaction value:2.25% of transaction value.

Rates info
Annual (nominal) interest rate charged on cash withdrawals:21.36%
Annual (nominal) interest rate charged on purchases:16.12%
APR charged on purchases:22.1%
Fees & charges info
Android Pay:n/a
Apple Pay:n/a
Cash advance fee as % of transaction value:1.5% (minimum €2.54)Footnote 2 v
Contactless payments:€0.00
Duplicate statement fee:First page €3.80, additional pages €2.50 each.
Late payment fee:€7.50
Over credit card limit fee:€7.50Footnote 1 v
Replacement of lost/stolen card:€0.00
Replacement of PIN:€0.00
Unpaid item fee:€5.00

Introductory rate offers info
Introductory rate on balance transferred:0% for 7 months
Introductory rate on new purchases:0% for 6 months
Terms and conditions info
Maximum interest-free period on cash:0 days
Maximum interest-free period on purchases:Up to 56 days
Minimum qualifying salary:€16,000 per annum

Other details
  • This card includes an instalment option for purchases over €500. This instalment plan feature allows the customer to transfer a purchase over €500 onto this plan, with a separate interest rate. Currently this interest rate is 6.9% APR variable and the customer would pay off the plan in 12 equal instalments.
Benefits info
Android Pay:No
Apple Pay:No
Contactless Payments:Yes


  1. A charge applies in relation to any statement period in which one or more overlimit positions have occurred. ^
  2. No cash advance fee applies if account is in credit or has zero balance after cash withdrawal is processed. ^

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All Information correct as at 23 May 2017

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