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ATM withdrawal fee Debit card purchase fee Quarterly fee Account details
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AIB Personal Bank Account Footnote 1 v €0.35 €0.20
More Details on Personal Bank Account
Bank of Ireland Personal Current Account Footnote 3 v €0.25
More Details on Personal Current Account
EBS Limited EBS MoneyManager Account Footnote 4 v €0.30
More Details on EBS MoneyManager Account
KBC Current Account €0.30
More Details on Current Account
KBC Extra Current Account Footnote 5 v €0.00
More Details on Extra Current Account
Permanent TSB Permanent TSB Current Account €0.00
€12.00 More Details on Permanent TSB Current Account
Ulster Bank Current Account €0.00
€12.00 More Details on Current Account

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Government Stamp Duty of €0.12 applies on ATM withdrawals. This is capped at €2.50 for ATM cards and €5 for combined (ATM and Debit) cards.


  1. To qualify for free maintenance and transaction banking on your personal current account you must maintain a minimum daily credit statement balance of €2,500 in the account for each fee quarter. Credit interest does not apply to this AIB personal current account. Please see product details for complete information. ^
  2. Includes Domestic, Eurozone and Non-Euro ATM transactions ^

Bank of Ireland

  1. A quarterly fee of €5 always applies, but customers can avoid account transaction fees by maintaining a minimum credit balance of €3,000 in their personal current account throughout the full fee quarter. ^

EBS Limited

  1. Customers can get 5 free withdrawals each month by ATM or in branch (cash or cheque) if either at least €1,500 is lodged to the account each month, either in one lump sum or in instalments or a minimum balance of €500 is maintained in the account each month. ^


  1. The account maintenance fee, ATM transaction fee and cheque lodgement processing fee are waived if customers lodge a minimum of €2500 into their account every month. For full terms and conditions please see ^

Permanent TSB

  1. Quarterly fee waived if the customer makes lodgement(s) amounting to at least €1,500 each month. ^

Ulster Bank

  1. This is charged monthly (€4.00 per month) ^
  2. To avoid this fee, customers can maintain a cleared balance of at least €3,000 in their account. ^


All Information correct as at 27 May 2016

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